Impala: factual data to better understand JACQUES VEYRAT’S company

Impala is a responsible investment holding company with a long-term commitment to players in the energy transition, responsible fashion, digital traceability, innovative cosmetics and several other sectors with strong growth potential.

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General presentation

© Julien Knaub Jacques Veyrat, Founder and Chairman of Impala

Founded in 2011 by Jacques Veyrat, an engineer and entrepreneur, Impala invests in projects that will lead to a sustainable and desirable future.

Eiffel Investment Group, Neoen, Edgyn, Inexto, Laboratoire Native and Augustinus Bader are just some of the group’s success stories. But the future is built every day…

Like the African antelope that gave it its name, Impala favors speed, responsiveness, initiative and flexibility, and is committed to working alongside its entrepreneurial and industrial partners, regardless of the size of the company.

Like the impala, the group is capable of leading long-term races to implement and win innovative projects.

Impala aims to be the controlling shareholder, an active shareholder that does not take minority stakes. It does not use debt for its acquisitions, so as not to subject companies to exogenous constraints on their development.

Impala likes to commit itself fully, from the outset, to innovative projects with strong dream potential, alongside demanding and responsible managers.


Impala is a 100% family-owned company that was founded in July 2011.

From the outset, Jacques Veyrat has been Impala’s Chairman and Fabrice Dumonteil has been its managing director.

The orientations of the group companies are decided by a group committee. This executive committee is composed of the Impala management team (8 members): Fabrice Dumonteil, Stéphanie Levan, Vincent Revol, Aurélien Tignol, Simon Veyrat, Xavier Barbaro, Erick Lauro, Jacques Veyrat (Chairman).

The Chairman of the company is also supported by a strategic advisory committee composed of Xavier Niel, Ian Galienne, Monique Roosmale Nepveu, Philippe Louis-Dreyfus, John Elkann and Glenn Dubin.

The investment team consists of Vincent Revol, Aurélien Tignol and Simon Veyrat.

Stéphanie Levan is Impala’s CFO and Laurent Cateloy is her deputy.

Impala has subsidiaries in several European countries. Jan Carel Kingma is in charge of the Netherlands, Erick Lauro of Luxembourg and Philippe Chauveau of Belgium.

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© Julien Knaub Impala’s investment team

Key figures

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The group’s net asset value is approximately 3 billion euros.

The group companies (consolidated scope) employ more than 2,000 people.

The company was founded in July 2011 and has, since its inception, achieved an average net income of more than 100 million euros per year.

The company is investing more than €1 billion in 2021.