Technoplus Industries

Technoplus Industries (TPI) is involved in the design and manufacture of critical mechanical components and complex systems to cater for the specific needs of the nuclear, aerospace and defence industries. Expert in high-performance materials, TPI’s skills range from design (mechanical and automatic studies, design of complex tooling and industrial plant) to production (machining, smithing, boilermaking, parts for customized machinery, thermal and surface finishing).


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Famous for its global approach to mechanical systems and for its manufacturing methods, TPI develops project management procedures that include process tracing, document management, product quality assurance and training and management of sub-contractors. Its in-depth knowledge of specific environments and the regulations governing them is reflected in various certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, QUALIFAS EN 9100, PART 145 and PART 21, and preferred supplier qualifications from customers such as EDF and EADS.

Key figures

Sales (€ million)20142015
Group 15 13


of high-value-added parts
  • Manufacturing process design, expert multi-technology production, process tracing
  • Production of prototypes and small runs
  • G-code and simulation
  • Precision machining
  • Deep drilling
  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Welding of high-grade materials, electron beam welding
  • Metrology, 3D quality control
  • Assembly, integration
Design, execution and deployment of industrial facilities
  • Analysis and requirement specifications
  • Studies, design, dimensioning, system integration
  • Turnkey full-line installations, from specification to  deployment
  • Custom machinery
  • Assembly and trials
Maintenance and renovation
  • Targeted interventions on customer specifications
  • Renovation and upgrade of existing plant
  • Provision of assembly halls and installation pits


Corporate governance