P&B Group

P&B Group is a fast growing cosmetic and pharmaceutical factory and laboratory, specialized in subcontracting. It proposes a full offer of services: R&D, regulatory, manufacturing, processing and packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic products and medical devices.


P&B was created in 2011 by 2 entrepreneurs: Laurent Dodet, who spent 25 years in the French leader of cosmetic subcontracting as Vice President and Jean-Marie Total, who successfully rejuvenated the brand Cadmum before selling it to L”Oréal

The ambition of P&B Group and its founders is to offer to cosmetic and pharmaceutical brands, who outsourced an increasing share of production, a full-service offer that matched their needs in terms of quality, flexibility, volumes and technical complexity.


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Key figures

170 employees, 100 job creation.

More than 70 clients.

Revenues (en M€) 13,5 18 19



Corporate governance