Neoen generates electricity from renewable energy sources including solar, wind and biomass. Founded in 2008, Neoen has developed a broad range of projects and acquired and funded a large asset base: close to €500 million at December 31, 2015, were invested in over 40 power plants, which have total capacity, including plants under construction and in operation, of over 600 MW.


In France, Neoen is today one of the most dynamic players in its market. It has opened the largest photovoltaic power plant in Europe (300MW).


Neoen also enjoys strong growth abroad. Its international expansion began in 2010 when Neoen was awarded nearly 40% of the total power attributed by the Portuguese government in its first tender offer. Since then, Neoen has continued to pursue growth opportunities, in particular In Salvador and in Australia where Neoen has been awarded by the Australian Capital Territory government to a 20 years Feed-in-Tariff for the electricity to be generated by the 200 MW Hornsdale Wind Farm project.



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