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Product counterfeiting and illicit trade are global issues that cause significant political, societal and economic burdens. According to the International Chamber of Commerce BASCAP report, the total impact of illicit trade reached an estimated $1.77 Trillion in 2015. It has caused the loss of over 2.5 million jobs, the loss of at least $78 Billion in governments’ tax revenues and an increase in crime that has cost societies another $25 Billion. This impact extends to the private sector, impacting its ability to innovate, invest and hire. Furthermore, illicit trade has increasingly caused significant losses of life and injuries through the counterfeitting of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and other consumer goods. There is an urgent need to help legitimate stakeholders, in both the public and private sectors, mitigate the risks from product counterfeiting and illicit trade, and in the process help brand owners improve consumer trust. Arjo Solutions and Inexto addresses this market imperative with a broad and complimentary portfolio of innovative and proven solutions that secure supply chains, protect both brands and consumers, and help the public sector manage and protect its tax revenues. The combined technologies, knowledge and experience across these two companies enables them to offer truly end-to-end solutions for a demanding marketplace.





ARJO SOLUTIONS, security expert, designs and delivers solutions for physical and digital identification, authentication and traceability of products to enable its customers to fight against fraud, counterfeiting and parallel markets.

Serving  governments and private companies for over 15 years, Arjo Solutions is a major player in the protection of brands and their products as well as securing the collection of taxes for governments.


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INEXTO, designs and delivers solutions for serialization, traceability and supply chain transparency. The innovative Inexto product suite facilitates government tax collection, protects brands and helps brand owners build and maintain consumer loyalty and trust. With a 10-year track record, INEXTO’s team develops solutions adapted to the needs of a variety of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food, luxury goods, beer, spirits, consumer goods and tobacco.

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