17 October 2014

Maison Lejaby joins the Impala group

Maison Lejaby announces the entry of Impala in its equity capital, alongside existing shareholders.

This partnership strengthens the financial structure of the company, in order to support its development and accelerate its growth.

For Jacques Veyrat, chairman of Impala, "the investment of Impala aims at making Maison Lejaby a global brand in the upscale and luxury lingerie market, thanks to the expertise of the teams and the quality of products, relying on the centennial heritage of the brand".

Alain Prost, chairman of Maison Lejaby says: "The Know-how and the creativity of Maison Lejaby convinced Impala, conquered by the move upmarket, the products and the teams”.


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28 February 2014

Laurent Dodet and Jean-Marie Total, founders of P&B Group, decided to team up with Impala group, chaired by Jacques Veyrat.

P&B Group, is a fast growing cosmetic and pharmaceutical factory and laboratory, specialized in subcontracting.

Laurent Dodet, CEO of P&B Group, “welcomes the entry of Jacques Veyrat in the equity capital of P&B Group, who will bring his strong experience in managing high growth projects and companies ".

Pour Jean-Marie Total, Directeur Général of P&B Group, "we rapidly decided to team up with Jacques Veyrat because of its entrepreneurial profile and flexibility that demonstrate its ability to support companies with an ambitious project ".

Jacques Veyrat, Chairman of Impala, was "immediately attracted by the ambition of a team of high quality entrepreneurs, who demonstrates their ability to develop a business and industrial jobs in France ".


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05 December 2013

Electropoli, no. 1 in the European surface finishing market primarily for the automotive industry, teams up with Impala

True to Electropoli's policies for innovation and international growth, Impala represents a partner sharing with Electropoli the same desire to develop its business.

Vincent Paul-Petit, chairman of Electropoli, said: "Electropoli believes Impala is a strong and long-term French shareholder that can appreciate and support growth in our business"

Jacques Veyrat said: "Electropoli is a leading company with know-how that can be applied in other industries by maintaining its world-class industrial quality in the automotive industry"


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24 October 2013

Pull-in, high-end underwear brand, joins forces with Impala

Emmanuel Loheac, founder of Pull-in, the high-end underwear brand, decided to team up with Impala group, chaired by Jacques Veyrat.

In line with its entrepreneurial culture, this alliance gives Pull-in the means to step up growth with new store openings in France and abroad.

Emmanuel Loheac said: “I enjoyed talking with Jacques Veyrat, who immediately grasped what makes our brand tick and said he wanted to contribute to Pull-in’s ambitious strategy.”

Jacques Veyrat said: “The goal of this investment alongside Emmanuel Loheac is to create a worldwide brand backed by French know-how and shared values.”


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